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Let's Talk About Building Executive Function Skills - Video

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

While the rate of executive function deficits in the general population of school children is unknown, 40% of children with dyslexia have co-existing executive function challenges and 50- 80% of children with ADHD have executive function deficits. Once a student is identified as having an executive function deficit there are no national guidelines on how to proceed with academic interventions or clinical treatment. In our practice, we use cognitive skills coaching, digital therapeutics, and cognitive-motor movement to activate executive function skills.

In this podcast, author Janine Halloran and I talk about the science and practice of strengthening executive function skills on the Calm & Connected Podcast this week Episode #106. If you are a teacher or a therapist, how you talk with a student can influence their implementation of attention, cognitive flexibility, planning, and more; listen in.

We talk about:

  • How executive function and executive function skills differ

  • How to have the "Cognitive Conversation" with your children and teens

"What's our plan here?" "What will we do in what order?"

"How will we solve this together?"

  • How to start teaching young children executive function skills

  • How slowing down can help children achieve more and behave better

  • Helpful mindfulness practices to engage in self-reflection

Additional topics we cover in this episode are:

  • How self-talk and mantras can help

  • How little questions have a big impact

  • How things differ cognitively from children to teenagers

  • How to help teenagers feel masterful

  • The importance of thinking about how other people feel and what they need


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