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BIG BUDS Kindness and Respect Activity - FREE Download

Our esteemed colleagues Kyle Bragg and Megaera Regan are at Shape America Seattle this week. They have been tweeting about teaching kindness and respect in their physical education classes. I told them I'd share our BIG BUDS activity from Bloom Your Room. It's totally FREE to Download, share and use in your classroom, gen ed, spec ed, ELL, PE, it's all good.

The Scoop - You can help build social-emotional literacy through youth service within your own school. Mentors in older grades and peer leaders help your skills garden grow by teaching younger peers and classmates what kindness is all about!

Download PDF • 7.56MB

With the help of this cheery kit, Big Buds will help new Buds discover what kindness feels like, looks like, and sounds like, introducing them to the importance of kindness and respect for themselves and others in the classroom. Adorable Bloom Your Room pages with printable Kids Badges hand-drawn by illustrator Meg Garcia, and written by pediatric psychologist Dr. Lynne Kenney. Build your school culture of kindness and respect through Bloom Your Room art and activities.

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