Practical Educational Resources for Hybrid, At-Home and Distance Learning

While working with parents, teachers, and districts during this unique time, we asked some of our esteemed colleagues, what Apps and Resources you all are using to facilitate online, hybrid, and at-home learning. Here are a few we gathered. Feel free to add more on our FB Page. We are hearing from many families and educators about the academic slide students are experiencing. We are reflecting on how to bridge the gap between learning, reading, math, cognition, and joy! Shar

ENGAGE: Improving Cognition, Learning & Behavior – PreK-6th – Strategies & Act

Why is enhancing executive functions in the early years and beyond so important? Executive Functions are the essential cognitive skills that help us think, plan, learn, and interact prosocially with others in everyday life. Executive Functions such as self-regulation, attention, memory, self-control, and cognitive flexibility are shown to be better predictors of academic, social, and job success than is IQ. As early as two years of age, executive functions are a significant p