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Integrating research from over 300 scientific studies, Dr. Kenney has developed cognitive-motor movement and coaching strategies to engage attention, memory, self-control, cognitive flexibility, and self-regulation. Engaging her clients and their families as “cognitive scientists,” Dr. Lynne collaborates with children to help them build the executive function skills necessary to become the “best coaches” for their own brains.

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JOIN US for our upcoming Executive Function and Self-Regulation workshops where we will teach applied cognitive skills and activities to strengthen the executive function skills needed for better learning and behavior. We will be in Amsterdam, London, Boston, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, British Columbia, Edmonton, and NYC in 2024.


  • Learn about the critical relationship between executive function skills and academic achievement.

  • Practice the CogniSuite™ cognitive-motor activities to alert the brain and engage executive function skills.

  • Teach children the “felt-sense of slowing down” with Cognitivities™

  • Explore the research regarding co-existing diagnoses including dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and ASD from a data-based perspective.

  • Improve how children learn by teaching them how their brains work.

  • Learn how to teach children to improve their self-coaching skills with research-based activities to improve attention, memory, planning, organization, time management, cognitive flexibility & self-regulation.

  • Experience CogniMoves the first animated executive function & self-regulation program for students in grades PreK-3.

  • Learn how to use narrative, declarative, and imperative language with students to support cognitive skill development.

  • Learn how to have the “cognitive conversation” about executive function skills including self-control, attention, memory, and cognitive flexibility with your students.

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It's an honor to work with educators, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, school psychologists, physical education teachers, counselors, social workers, neuropsychologists, and district leaders to bring cognitive skill development strategies to classrooms, clinics, and homes.

If you would like to consider attending an EF workshop, here are the links.

They will updated as programs become available.

Yale Conference April 2024

Chandler Unified School District May 2024

Boston June 2024 Private District

Chicago June 2024 Private Center

Amsterdam September 23, 2024 Amsterdam International School

Phoenix October 2024 Private District

Vancouver November 25, 2024

Edmonton, Canada December 3, 2024

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