Many children do not have awareness regarding how quickly they move. They rush when doing their written work, speed by classmates, knock things over and are often told, “slow down”.  Yet, they do not have a “felt-sense” of what slowing down feels like. To help our students become more aware of their internal energy and how frenetic they often feel, we have a “Cognitive Conversation” using The Love Notes from Musical Thinking.  Here is a brief video of the lessons we do in the classroom. Try it and let us know the insights and behavioral changes you experience with your students, @drlynnekenney.

Musical Thinking helps children:

  • Understand Executive Function skills such as planning, previewing, sequencing, attending, prioritizing, organizing, inhibiting and task execution
  • Learn academic content such as math facts, vocabulary, spelling, reading and factual knowledge requiring memorization, through movement and music
  • Shift behavior by managing impulses and actions with better planning, previewing, and inhibition
  • Manage feeling states by learning how the brain works
  • Communicate with others in a pro-social manner
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