When helping children “Find Calm” at home or in the classroom, on occasion we will do meditation or mindfulness activities and the children might tell us, “I can’t do this, I can’t calm my brain down.” Stress can keep children’s brains over-energized. 

So we created an activity that is easy for anyone to do and can be done anywhere, in your car, in the classroom or even right before you and your family head out for a family event this holiday season. We call it, The Music Carpet Ride.

The Music Carpet Ride is the way we introduce a state of mindful calm through imagination and music.  When we speak with children about how to calm their brains and bodies, we introduce calm as a place to go, not an up or down, right or wrong.  

The music we usually use is called Mirror Lake, yet any beautiful song with peaks and valleys will suit this activity. Here is a free printable to guide you along.

We have received the kindest emails from you all, I am so pleased you are enjoying this activity! Join us on our FB to provide comments, photos, and videos of your experiences at home, at work and in the classroom.


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