The Music Carpet Ride for Calming

Ready to mindfully find calm? Take A Music Carpet Ride.

When helping children “Find Calm” at home or in the classroom, on occasion we will do meditation or mindfulness activities and the children might tell us, “I can’t do this, I can’t calm my brain down.” Stress can keep children’s brains over-energized. 

So we created an activity that is easy for anyone to do and can be done anywhere, in your car, in the classroom or even right before you and your family head out for a family event this holiday season. We call it, The Music Carpet Ride.

The Music Carpet Ride is a way we introduce a state of mindful calm through imagination and music.  All the children do is use their imaginations to climb onto a music carpet and ride the music through the air. Try it, it’s super calming.


Here’s what you say and do:

“Hey everyone, we are going to use our imaginations now. I am going to hand each of you, your own pretend magic carpet. You may close your eyes if you wish. Imagine climbing onto your magic carpet.  It will magically transform into a Music Carpet, when I turn on a special song.  You may sit or lay on your pretend carpet in your mind. You need to do only one thing, ride on your music carpet up and down the music as you soar through the air. Ready to pretend we are riding music carpets? We will ride the music for just a few minutes, you may listen now. Let’s fly.”

Click to Download the free PDF


The music we usually use is called Mirror Lake, by Brian Crain, yet any beautiful song with peaks and valleys will suit this activity. Above is a free printable to guide you along.

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