The Kinetic Classroom is our online professional development platform to improve student thinking skills, learning and self-regulation. With three courses to choose from, take our short-courses on Executive Skills & Social-Emotional Learning or our BIG course moveTHINK with our Executive Coaching Skills and Physical Activities.

Integrating research and activities from our four books, The moveTHINK course on The Kinetic Classroom provides 30+ 2-20 minute videos, activity manuals, and downloads with the concepts we teach in our executive function in the classroom workshops.

Learn Executive Function Tools

Watch the videos and get the downloadable tools with our executive function resources to improve student planning, attention, sequencing, memory, and inhibition.

In the BIG Course, moveTHINK, learn 20+ cognitive skill building strategies including:

  • The “Am I Ready” Test
  • How to help children manage attention drift
  • How to draw out sequences for better task completion
  • How to help children “Slow Down” to encode and learn class material
  • How to empower children to learn better cognitive skills

See it in Action!

Use Cognitive-Physical Activities

moveTHINK on The Kinetic Classroom currently has more than 20 THINK and “Spotlight” cognitive-physical activities I have used in my own practice with children during the past 10 years. The movement activities call upon executive skills requiring thinking during coordinative movement. Most of the activities use planning, sequencing, and beat matching skills while moving to a variety of tempos and rhythms.

With everything from simple marching to drumming and our own Tai Chi-Me, your children, students, clients, and family will enjoy moving to think.

Students LOVE “Spotlight” the visual communication tool we use to help students THINK while they move.

“This is so fun! Is this school?” Jason R. 4th grade student

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What You Get

  • Our “Spotlight” visual communication game for cognitive-movement at home, in the office and in the classroom
  • The THINK cognitive-activities guide
  • Our 75-minute Executive Skills in the Classroom Webinar
  • Our 50-minute Social-Emotional Skill Learning Webinar
  • Over 30 2-5 minute activity videos applying research to cognition and movement
  • 20-minute bonus webinars for better thinking, self-regulation, learning, behavior and social-emotional development
  • Research Bibliography

If you are interested in enhancing student cognition or you wish to bring more movement with thought to your children or students The Kinetic Classroom will help.