Our NEW Bloom Your Room social-emotional stickers and notepads help children and teachers share messages of gratitude, kindness with prosocial messaging in the classroom.

Printed on super high-quality paper in full color, designed by Meg Garcia, these 2″ stickers and notes can be shared between teachers and students, with parent classroom helpers and with administrative staff to support prosocial messaging within your school. CLICK on the stickers to find them on Amazon.

These stickers are best used when teaching the children in your classroom prosocial skills and #SEL.  Helping children know what to do in complicated social moments makes them more socially competent.

  • Be kind to one another
  • Include others in play
  • Ask another student what they’d like to play
  • Offer a friend something he might need such as a specific book or piece of paper to write on
  • Think about how your friend feels in this moment
  • Consider that your friend’s behavior might not be about you, perhaps he’s having a tough day







Looking for the Bloom Your Room posters and activities to enhance social-emotional literacy in your classroom? Helping children develop self-awareness, show interest in others and learn how to communicate prosocially is critical to classroom management and child development.