It’s an exciting time in education. Awareness of the importance of social-emotional skill development is on the rise. 

A survey of teachers commissioned by CASEL in 2013 found 93 percent of teachers want a greater focus on social and emotional learning in schools. The great news is that resources are plentiful, we simply need to raise awareness of them. Here are two to start Bloom Your Room and Kimochis.

Teachers in our current online training webinars asked for a few resources I mentioned, so I thought I’d share them with our entire community. Here are some valuable Durlak, #rulesofkindness, Edutopia and CASEL #SEL links for you all.

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  1. Here is Durlak’s research on SEL in schools + more LINK
  2. Here is a wonderful overview of SEL, with clickable links via Edutopia LINK
  3. Here is a helpful post with video on how to talk with your children about kindness LINK
  4. Social-emotional skill development by age infographic, Amanda Morin, LINK
  5. Developing social-emotional skills from birth to 5 LINK

October is Bullying Awareness month. We have partnered with and 30 Second Mom for two informative tweet chats, learn more HERE.

Begin your Kindness Conversation with these helpful tips LINK.

Together we CAN lift education up!