A clinician in our community asked for resources to help children cope with their feelings:

The first most helpful resource for you is our MindGarden, over 70 people and websites for you to explore that will help you enhance social-emotional skills, executive function, learning and behavior in your work with children. Find it here.

MindGarden Resources

ANGER, GRIEF, and MORE….As a clinician, therapist, parent or educator finding solutions for children has just gotten easier. During her 30 years as a therapist helping head start, students, therapists and teachers, Wendy Young, BCD LMSW has developed thousands of pages of educational and therapy printables to help children cope with anxiety, grief, social skills, divorce, BIG feelings and more. I have used her Ice Cream Cones activity book for years with children who have BIG over-the-top feelings.

DIVORCE Sue Atkins has been developing tools to help children manage their feelings for over 30 years. Most recently, she developed a series of tools for helping children cope with divorce. Find her resources here.

Sue Divorce

FEELINGS Our friend Ellen Dodge and our friends at Kimochis have created the Kimochis feelings exploration system we use in clinical practice. 


Kimochis teaches the fourth “R”

The Kimochis educational program is built upon sound research and theories of child development and social emotional learning— the Five Core Competencies from CASEL; the Teaching Pyramid Model for Positive Behavior Supports; the Headstart Framework.

However, when we boil down the research and get to the basics, it’s all about relationships. Kimochis teaches the fourth “R”—reading, writing, arithmetic, and RELATIONSHIPS. Do you know how to make and keep friends? Can you build and maintain strong relationships? Can you relate to others? Can you work with others? How do others see you? Can you express your true feelings in ways that people want to listen? The research is clear. Strong relationship and communication skills, self-awareness, empathy, and resilience are key indicators for emotional wellness and “success” academically and in all areas life, from preschool through adulthood.

Find more books, webinars and printable for your classroom or practice here. Let us know what tools you love, we have a wonderful community of bright teachers, parents and clinicians sharing valuable resources on Facebook, Join Us!