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ENGAGE: Improving Cognition, Learning & Behavior – PreK-6th – Strategies & Act

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Why is enhancing executive functions in the early years and beyond so important?

  1. Executive Functions are the essential cognitive skills that help us think, plan, learn, and interact prosocially with others in everyday life. Executive Functions such as self-regulation, attention, memory, self-control, and cognitive flexibility are shown to be better predictors of academic, social, and job success than is IQ. 

  2. As early as two years of age, executive functions are a significant predictor of both emergent mathematics and literacy at age five (Mulder et al., 2017).

  3. Poverty and at-risk environments pose substantial risks to the development of the executive function, social-emotional, and self-regulation skills critical to academic, social, and employment success (Haft & Hoeft, 2017). 

  4. Recent scientific studies show that we can enhance children’s executive function skills with brain literacy direct instruction, evidence-based computer-delivered cognitive skills training programs, mindfulness programs, and cognitive-physical activities, Brain Futures, 2019

  5. Educators and clinicians who know that executive function and self-regulation skills precede the ability to learn academic content are eager to better understand how to incorporate activities and lessons to raise brain literacy and improve academic and behavioral outcomes. Yet, there are very few brain literacy courses that provide actionable activities teachers, parents, and clinicians to begin to use on the spot!

  6. With our NEW ENGAGE course we are aiming to improve access to executive function research & education in combination with cognition engagement activities that can be done as fast as in 30 seconds or as long as 30 minutes, it’s up to the educator.

The ENGAGE 6-hour online (watch at your leisure) Masterclass provides you with practical ready-to-use content for students who experience challenges with:

  1. Self-Regulation

  2. Attention

  3. Memory

  4. Cognitive Flexibility

  5. Emotional Control

  6. Impulsivity

  7. Organization

  8. Planning

This Masterclass offers content built over 30 years with thousands of educators, parents, and students:

  1. 50 Lesson Videos

  2. 190+ pages of downloads

  3. 14 Sections of Easy-To-Understand Lessons, Strategies & Activities

  4. Developmentally Progressive Activities from PreK-6th Grade

  5. Immediate strategies to better understand and intervene with children who have learning and behavior challenges grades PreK-6th Grade

  6. Cutting edge cognitive-movement activities to improve learning, attention, and behaviour

Cognitive coaching strategies with downloads + printables to help your students become the “Best Coaches” for their own brains!

The executive function skills and activities we have developed with students and educators are based on over 100 empirical studies.

Read more research here:

Coordinative Cognitive Movement Engages Cognition and Memory

Why is Learning to Move to a Beat Important?

What is Preliteracy – Really?

Email us for a course discount coupon or to make this MasterClass available to your most motivated Title I school educators and clinicians. We have the science to improve the trajectory of children’s learning we are happy to answer your questions and provide valuable resources. Together we can improve cognition in this complicated time, lynne@lynnekenney.com.

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