If you know, love or teach children who struggle with their math facts and factors, playing math can help. Using motor movement as a platform on which we build cognitive skills is a meaningful beginning. Listen in and see how you can change the trajectory of children’s math learning through planning, sequential processing, movement and musical rhythm.

The 2nd Edition of Play Math (2015) is HERE.  We made it 40 simple pages for easy implementation.  See a Sample Here Play Math Manual FNL Sampler July 2015.

Building Math Skills Through Movement and Play Ages 6-12

In 2012, with the help of children at our local elementary school, Dr. Lynne created Play Math, a method focused on teaching children number relationships, math facts and factors. Play Math that can be implemented 1:1 or in small groups (2-4) in classrooms or at home. A central feature of Play Math is alternating fine and gross motor movement utilizing the cortico-cerebellar brain connection and rhythm to make learning math a whole brain activity.

Hundreds of children have now used Play Math to improve their multiplication math test scores and factor comprehension. If you are a teacher or psychologist and you wish to teach Play Math in your practice or school email us through this site and we can arrange a training.

Here are the FREE videos for a better visual understanding of the method.

Play Math Video JPG

Below are the Kids of Play Math!

Dr. Lynne developed a simple 5 step method that integrated the work of cognitive scientists and educators.  The 5 step method is in a 40 page manual any teacher, parent or even high schooler can understand in order to Play Math with children ages 6-12.  

The 5 Steps are:

1. Establish A Rhythmic Beat

2. Mirror Count – Large Ball Bouncing

3. Skip Count – Large Ball Bouncing

4. Slide and Glide – Move the blocks

5. Bounce to The Beat (on to advanced concepts like over and up and numbers that fit, if the kids wish to move on).
Play Math Cover

Play Math RhythmPlay Math Over and Up 

The Play Math Manual is on SALE for $14.99

Play Math is so simple all you need is a ball and some blocks.  But it’s also fun to have a marker board, bean bags and more which is what we use in schools.


SPARKPE PLAY MATHPlayMath-Lynne-Kenney








WE LOVE – Unifix Cubes from Didax as well as play equipment from SPARKPE.ORG. The balls, polyspots and marker boards are loved by kids. Order yours by calling and asking for the PLAY MATH Kit 1-800-spark-pe.

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