I have a friend….

named Dr. David Nowell.  He is one of the brightest neuropsychologists I have ever known.  Whenever I haven’t seen his funny quips or smart tweets online for a while I tweet him, “Where in the world is David Nowell?”  Often he tweets back, “in Barbados” or “in Devonshire” ’cause he literally travels the world teaching clinicians “neuropsych for the rest of us”:).

Yesterday, he got me thinking, we have over 70 Play activities for better thinking, self-regulation, learning and behavior coming out in the Fall. Including our VERY favorite Bloom Your Room.

These activities, strategies & printables can truly help us teach kids how their brains work better so we can empower children with challenges to stop being patients and start taking active participation in improving their approaches to learning and behavior.

So… today I am going to give you all one of the NEW printables for free. MY FEELINGS COUNT is an activity to help children explore what they can think, say and do to manage their feelings in a tough situation. 

What I wonder is how far across the globe can we share this. Can we get it into a classroom in South Africa? Scotland?  

If it travels really far, then we’ll do it again with Bloom Your Room, our Fall Create A Classroom of Kindness posters to encourage kindness in classrooms worldwide.  Bloom Your Room (created by Megan Garcia) has the most amazing designs to engage children in sharing kindness within the classroom and beyond.  Wait… Here let me give you a super confidential sneak peek (Please don’t send this out yet, it’s still in development).

OKAY…. Now on to…. Where in the world can this printable travel?  The one I am giving you today is MY FEELINGS COUNT.  I have used this concept hundreds of times with children, teens and even adults. This printable has simple instructions on the bottom. You can flexible with it, adapt it to the children with whom you work. Many of our printables are designed to encourage The Cognitive Conversation. The conversation about how we think, feel, do, learn and relate to others. Click on the image to download the printable pdf.

Here is a little image with MY FEELINGS COUNT filled in, just so you can see how it can work.

Grab it, send it, share it, use it… Have fun with it! Let us know how you use it, how the kids like it and how you helped others with it @drlynnekenney; Facebook.

Let’s build children’s social-emotional intelligence so that we can make the world a kinder place.

Sending you joy today,

Dr. Lynne 

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