Musical Thinking is our cognitive empowerment tool that translates learning into musical notes with movement and rhythm to teach children how their brain works and why they need to move to learn. 

Tapping into their natural curiosity for understanding, Musical Thinking introduces “The Love Notes” to teach children the cognitive science behind how they learn. Matching the notes with cognitive processes makes schooling meaningful for children. Adding movement, rhythm and timing makes learning a whole brain process children no longer resist, but enjoy.

Musical Thinking

Musical Thinking is simple yet robust.  

  • First, we show the children that they are naturally musical with simple marching activities.

  • Then we introduce The Love Notes, showing them how their brains encode, store and retrieve information.

  • Next we ask the children to creatively apply The Love Notes with rhythm and movement to academic content, self-regulation, or behavior to achieve a desired change in the outcome of their actions.

By providing children the opportunity to collaborate in the learning process, children are empowered to improve their thinking, attention, impulsivity and problem solving skills leading to better learning and behavior.

Musical Thinking benefits children by:

  • Using the universal language of music to engage the brain and the body.
  • Teaching children the cognitive science behind how their brains learn.
  • Enhancing two precursors to learning, rhythm and timing, to engage the brain in a manner that reduces anxiety and stress in children.
  • Making the children active collaborators in their learning process.
  • Activating what the brain knows well, rhythm and patterns to improve executive functions.
  • Using children’s natural creativity to enhance their self-confidence and skill mastery.
  • Learning through music, movement and play.

I’ve come to see Musical Thinking as a wonderful addition to clinical practice for school psychologists, educational psychologists and educators. For clinicians and educators who are looking for strategies that empower children to think and learn better, Musical Thinking is a fabulous starting point. Musical Thinking is flexible, creative and fun.