We can improve children’s executive function skills or “Cognitive Skills” as we call them in our direct instruction method for teaching children how:

1. Their brain works

2. What executive function skills are

3. How to identify what skill you are needing when

Teaching children to identify the task and sub-tasks, as well as when and how they will tackle each task is a helpful way to encourage metacognitive thinking.

In our current Bloom Brainsmarts training, we are talking about how to use executive functions to help children approach their homework, turning information into knowledge. Here is an activity in video from 70 Play Activities to help you guide the way.


In 2018, we shall be teaching more than 50 cognitive and motor activities to enhance thinking, self-regulation, learning and behavior LIVE and online for CE. We shall teach you how to use many of the activities from BloomMusical Thinking and 70 Play Activities including, “What’s in it for me?” “The Purpose Circle” “The Love Notes” “The Little Jane Fonda” and more. Produced in easy to listen to videos with useful classroom handouts, this is an activity-filled webinar series designed to enliven and transform your work integrating current science, tools, and strategies. Sign-up to receive FREE activities and learn about upcoming events and webinars here.

Let us know how the activities go with your children and students on our Facebook page. We are interested in how you and your students grow with cognitive skill education and motor movement.