Ready to help your students, clients, and children learn better cognitive skills?

The Kinetic Classroom is the online professional development platform to improve student thinking skills, learning and self-regulation.

Three courses integrating activities from our four books: 

You can dip your foot in with the short 50-75 minutes courses on Executive Function Skill Development Activities, Social-Emotional Learning with Bloom Your Room or DIVE in to the moveTHINK course which includes both mini-courses as well as 30+ 2-20 minute videos, activity manuals, and downloads with the concepts we teach in our executive function in the classroom workshops. 

Research suggests:

    • We can coach children to become more mindfully aware of their cognitive skills to enhance their learning.
    • Executive functions are cognitive skills and cognitive skills can be learned.
    • When we use the neural pathways associated with specific executive skills such as attention, memory, and inhibition repetitively over time we build those skills.
    • We can prime the brain with cognitive-motor skills when engaged in physical activity.
    • When we create emotionally safe classroom cultures children learn better.


The moveTHINK Course on The Kinetic Classroom contains 30+ videos of strategies and activities to help your students:

  • Use planning and sequencing to successfully execute tasks of daily living
  • Slow down to encode academic content better

  • Understand the parts of their attention engine

  • Use sequencing for better task completion

  • Use motor timing, tempo and rhythm to engage cognition 

  • Engage with their peers as co-creators of movement patterns and sequences

  • Feel empowered as “Best Coaches” of their own brains

With the moveTHINK course you receive our two cognitive-physical activity manuals, THINK and Spotlight and begin engaging your students with thought today.

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Here is one of the EF lessons on sequencing. 

We build attention, memory, and inhibition when we Move To THINK.

We develop research-based tools, activities, and strategies to improve children’s thinking, self-regulation, learning, and behavior by increasing their executive and social-emotional skill sets. 70 Play Activities (Kenney & Comizio, 2016) provides activities, worksheets, and strategies to teachers, school counselors, and school psychologists to help children learn new #EF and #SEL skills. Our goal is to change the trajectory of children’s learning with joy, empowerment, and respect. Join our motivated community of over 10,000 educators, parents & clinicians and get the news about workshops, activities, and research here.