10 Classroom Management Activities To Enhance Social-Emotional Literacy answers the needs of educators who wish to employ current research with practical strategies that work quickly and effectively in elementary classrooms.  

This is a practical, webinar introducing research-based activities from Dr. Kenney’s most recent works Bloom Your Room and 70 Play Activities To Enhance Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning, and Behavior.  Join us to learn strategies to get ahead of misbehavior by teaching with the brain in mind.


Dr. Lynne Social Emotional Skills Webinar

Course Overview/Outline:

As a teacher, you want to spend your time teaching not disciplining. This webinar puts you back in the driver’s seat and gets you out of damage control by keeping you several steps ahead of behavior problems by:

  • Learning how to create Cultures of Kindness
  • Learning how to have “Cognitive Conversations” with your students about prosocial behavior
  • Applying current cognitive science research to behavioral management
  • Engaging your students in simple activities designed to enhance their social-emotional skills sets
  • Moving away from punishment and into skill building enhancing competence, confidence, communication and collaboration
  • Becoming empowered as a “Thought Leader” in social-emotional literacy in the classroom
  • Creating more time to teach
  • Enjoying your classroom interactions more


  1. Learn about a new social-emotional literacy tool for classrooms called Bloom Your Room, created as a 50-piece art collection with research-based strategies, tools and activities build into it. Kids will enjoy the art, talking about the characters and learning social skills, kindness and empathy without any resistance.
  2. Fill your tool-box with words and activities to help your students on the healthy path to good behavior and top-notch learning.
  3. Learn exactly what to say to encourage students to be prosocial, kind and caring with one another, allowing you more time to do what you love, teach.

Make behaving well, fun and learning, inspiring with 10 Classroom Management Activities To Enhance Social-Emotional Literacy: Transform Student Behavior From Chaos to Calm in One Day.