10 Thinking Skill Activities to Enhance Executive Function Improving Academic Task Completion at Home and in the Classroom – 90 Minute ON DEMAND WEBINAR

For many children, academic tasks such as worksheets, projects and homework feel overwhelming in class and at home.  In our NEW book, 70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-regulation, Learning and Behavior (2016), we have over 40 executive function skill activities for children that teachers, parents, and clinicians can implement to improve children’s sequencing, initiation, execution, task management, attention and memory skills. In this 90 minute on-demand webinar we will go over 10 executive function activities related to academic task and homework completion. We will review the underlying cognitive science as well as explore the “how-to’s” so that you have 10 new activities in your tool box right away. 


As a teacher, educator or clinician you wish to apply the most current cognitive science to learning in your classroom, but with all of your responsibilities you may not have time to seek out journal articles and research.  Having just curated over 300 articles to review for the new book, 70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-regulation, Learning and Behavior (2016), in this webinar Dr. Kenney provides you with key research findings relevant to your everyday work. Then she transforms the research into practical activities and worksheets you can use to help your clients and students practice and learn key executive function skills. The ones that apply most to academic task completion, homework and project planning.

Dr. Lynne EF Skills Webinar

Course Overview/Outline:

This webinar provides you with research-based activities you can use right away. Help your students and clients become empowered thinkers with:

  • The Love Notes from Musical Thinking – To improve pacing and memory
  • Slow Mo and Quick Rick – To teach encoding and retrieval
  • Why We Move To Think – Maximizing encoding and retrieval via motor movement
  • Let Me Think About That – To reduce overwhelm
  • What’s In It For Me – To improve motivation
  • The “Cognitive Conversation” empowering kids to be cognitive scientists
  • My Attention Engine – To improve attention skills
  • Process Speed Front Loading Worksheet – To teach previewing and planning
  • The HOPPER Homework Planning Sheet – To maximize homework approach, initiation, and execution
  • Put A Bow On It – To teach sequencing and task completion


  1. Learn the cognitive science behind learning and memory in a practical, activity-based manner.
  2. Become a “Cognitive Detective” to better see what executive functions might be road-blocks to a specific student’s achievement.
  3. Learn how to have “Cognitive Conversations” with students to help them move from feel distressed about their learning to feeling like empowered thinkers.
  4. Fill your tool-box with 10 activities that will immediately transform your students’ learning.

Higher functioning cognitive skills such as organization, planning, previewing, inhibition and attention are essential for successful social, academic and interpersonal development. These are skills that some children are born with, but many are not. The great news! We can teach these skill sets to children with engaging activities that empower them to be better learners. Join us to enhance children’s thinking skills to reduce stress and improve achievement. LEARN MORE HERE.