Helping children to understand and reframe their feelings and life experiences often includes having a Cognitive Conversation.  

I’ll Give This 10! is Activity #35 in the Thinking Skills chapter of 70 Play Activities. It’s a practical tool for feelings exploration, cognitive reframing and mood modulation. 

In I’ll Give This 10, we learn how to recognize that when we are having BIG feelings, we name them and then tell ourselves how long we plan to experience these BIG feelings. We usually choose to “feel our emotions” for 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 hours. Of course, this “rule of 10” is a cognitive construct, it could be 2 minutes or 27 minutes. But children get “10,” so it is a wonderful starting point to help a child to determine:

“HOW BIG is this feeling?” 

“HOW LONG am I going to let this feeling determine my thoughts and behaviors?”  

“WHEN will I let this feeling go?”


Find the videos that accompany the #70PlayActivities book HERE.