Helping children to understand and manage their worries begins with helping them to know a bit about their brains. In this video we explore one of the activities in on our next book, 70 Play Activities for Better Thinking, Self-regulation, Learning and Behavior (due out Fall 2016),”How BIG is My Worry”.

“How BIG is My Worry” is a worksheet to use at home, school or in clinical practice to help children understand and manage their anxiety better. You are welcome to download and use this printable.  

Here we discuss how you can use “How BIG is My Worry,”  to explore worry, talk about over-responding, and create strategies to cope in the moment. There is no one way to do it, adapt the worksheet to suit your child’s/client’s needs as well as your own style.


How BIG is My Worry-


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Our new book, Musical Thinking, has over 25 printable pages to help you empower the children in your classrooms, clinical practices and homes by teaching them HOW their brains learn, not simply what to think.

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