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Dr. Lynne Kenney  integrates neuroscience + kinesiology + education to improve children’s learning with cognitive and physical activities designed to enhance children’s attention, memory, self-regulation, learning, and behavior. 

"I hope you enjoy the FREE downloads on this page as you apply them in your work!" 

Calming Skills for You and Me

Calming Skills for You and Me is a simple and quick exercise to help kids Think, Learn, and Get Calm. We all have BIG feelings, but as kids, they don't always know what to do with these feelings. Use this exercise to help them understand these feelings and what to do with them.

Executive Function Stickers

These are the new stickers that accompany our books Musical Thinking and 70 Play Activities. Download the handmade sticker set, print and use to help your students learn to be their own brain's "best coaches".

Thinkerbee Kindness Songs

The Thinkerbee Kindness Songs provides a fun and interactive activity help spread and teach kindness. 

#mindgarden Resources

Our Mindgarden is the curated list of over 100 authors and websites in neuroscience, education, early childhood, cognition, social-emotional development and nutrition we speak about in our workshops. We hope you enjoy building your toolkits with these meaningful resources.

Thinking Skills: "I Can Do It"

This thinking skills activity will teach children how to become "cognitive scientists" by learning how their brain works. This will help children improve their thinking, self regulation, learning and behavior.  

Big Buds Youth Service Project

Mentors in older grades help our skills garden grow by teaching younger peers what kindness is all about! With the help of this cheery kit, Big Buds will help new Buds discover what kindness feels like, looks like and sounds like, and introduce them to the importance of kindness in their classroom.
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