Teaching, parenting and family life during #Covid19 has brought opportunities for learning and growth to us all.  Every day brings new insights, adaptations and reflections.

Recently, school psychologist Rebecca Comizio, 4th-grade teacher Ashley Ezell and I had a late Sunday night Zoom call to reflect on what we had been learning and experiencing the past few weeks. We talk about how we had been running on a wheel of productivity with a steep learning curve. After a month of teaching and seeing clients online we realized we needed to turn off the perfection engine and focus on balance, calm, health, and human connectedness.

Here we share our experiences, please share your ideas regarding taking care of yourselves, your students and your families with us @BeccaComiz @drlynnekenney @ezellsfx @legallyblindeducator. We are all in this together, helping lift one another up.


Coping during this time of unexpected transition to education from a distance, many of our community members have expressed worry, anxiety, and concern. Here are some helpful tips curated from our colleagues on how to stay well as a parent, teacher, and clinician during COVID19. Feel free to write your own and post them for you to reflect on daily. Together we will be kinder, brighter, more accepting, skillful and connected as we navigate this unique journey. CLICK on the Images for immediate download.