Thank you warmly to all our Bloom Brainsmarts participants this summer, the training will take place again this Winter.

We truly appreciate your participation, your enthusiasm is inspiring.

If you prefer not to wait for the next live training, we have two new webinars, just produced, they are 90 minutes each online, Executive Function Skills and Social-Emotional learning. CLICK Here to learn more.

I wished to share with you two images from the trainings that provide some of the central references. Click to download and print.

BIB 1 White BIB 2 White

In preparation for the upcoming trainings, what might be most helpful to you is to choose three articles or books based on your clinical or educational interests and read them before the training. The five that I mention the most, aside from Bloom and Musical Thinking are Eric Jensen’s Teaching with the Brain in Mind, Peter Brown’s Make It Stick and Matthew Lieberman’s Social, Stacey Shoecraft’s Teaching Through Movement and Michael Thaut’s Neurobiological Foundations of Music Therapy. Each and every reference on these images is excellent. The research by Patel, Overy, and Gordon are fascinating. Hope this is a good start:). Excited to see you all at future trainings, if you’d like two webinars now, we have NEW EF and SEL ones. 

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Our new book, Musical Thinking, has over 25 printable pages to help you empower the children in your classrooms, clinical practices and homes by teaching them HOW their brains learn, not simply what to think. This book includes EF exercises including sequencing, attention, memory, and inhibition.

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