Research shows us that helping children to replace habitual behavior that is disruptive in the classroom by choosing a new prosocial action leads to behavioral change better than does punishment.

In #MusicalThinking and #70Play Activities when we teach our students to become “Cognitive Scientists” we teach them that a habit is a highway…When they wish to build new highways of prosocial behaviors, we teach them how to THINK about an experience in a new way.

One new habit you might wish to help children develop is how to choose an alternate behavior when things are not going as planned. Here is an activity Wendy and I teach in #BloomBrainsmarts to Build a Pond of Positive Behavior where children can fish for new thoughts, words, and actions. Take a peek and give it a try. Let us know how it goes! 

Here is a 5-minute video from The Bloom Mindset Training on how to do it.

Grab the FREE printable fish here.

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