It’s been a busy year. We have been building our new executive function webinars, social-emotional learning programs, bookmarks, stickers, and cognitive movement programs. Our Bloom Your Room social-emotional learning 11″x17″ posters just arrived and are ready for your classroom.

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Social-emotional literacy skills are the foundation of learning. Children with better social-emotional skills have better learning outcomes, social relationships, and lifelong job prospects.

Make learning prosocial social-emotional skills fun and engaging with the Bloom Your Room™ 5 Poster Classroom Set.  By introducing what kindness, respect and caring “look like” and “sound like” you are able to teach students the foundational social-emotional skills that grow better learning and behavior. Simply hang the engaging posters and talk about the colorful characters and prosocial actions to bring more thoughtful social behavior and a “Culture of Kindness” to your classroom, home, and school.

This professionally printed poster pack of hand-drawn images by artist Meg Garcia is printed on high-quality card stock and shipped to your door. The poster set includes:

  • “How You Bloom” 11″x17″ poster
  • “Kindness Can” 11″x17″ poster
  • “Thinkerbee Theater™” 11″x17″ poster
  • “Our Roots” 11″x17″ poster
  • “The Martians Are Coming!” 11″x17″ activity poster

The perfect introduction to interacting in a manner that is kind, respectful, inclusive and compassionate with Bloom Your Room™! 

Find Bloom Your Room™ the book here.

Dr. Lynne,

Since we started talking about how to create a classroom culture of respect, our students are noticing what is respectful behavior. The Kindness Can helps them choose now behaviors so even our students who were not aware of how their behavior impacts others, now are.

Mrs. G. 2nd grade, Missouri

Our students are feeling safe and appreciated!
Find the Classroom Posters Here

Dr. Lynne,

I have been teaching for 29 years and I always knew my relationships with my students mattered. But until I met you, I didn’t know the research behind how important it is to connect with our students. Now that I understand more about remaining calm to keep The Thinker engaged and calm The Caveman, my students have a whole new classroom because of this workshop.


Mrs. J. Arlington Heights, Chicago

I always knew...