You can help build social-emotional literacy through youth service.  

Mentors in older grades help our skills garden grow by teaching younger peers what kindness is all about! With the help of this cheery kit, Big Buds will help new Buds discover what kindness feels like, looks like and sounds like, and introduce them to the importance of kindness in their classroom. 11 adorable pages with printable Kids Badges hand-drawn by Meg Garcia.

DOWNLOAD HERE for freeShare a drop of kindness with your school or community.

Proactively managing classroom behavior is about laying foundational agreements regarding, “How we will behave toward one another”.  When we have a clear classroom culture, children know what to expect. They behave prosocially because they know this classroom is a safe, kind and caring learning space. With interactive classroom activities and delightful visual aides, Bloom Your Room takes you out of The Discipline Trap and into a calm caring classroom environment.
In Bloom Your Room, educators find easy-to-follow strategies with interactive activities, postable pages and classroom worksheets that enhance social-emotional learning, inspiring children (ages 4-10) to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with friends, peers, teachers and school personnel.  Learn more about Bloom Your Room HERE.