BLOOMMany teachers and school psychologists/counselors have asked for more information about how to use the Bloom philosophy in school. So, Wendy, Megan and I have created a series of 32 Teacher Tips for better classroom management in our Bloom Your Room Collection.

As clinicians who work in classrooms, we see how hard you work and we often observe that “Blooming” with the students can really decrease stress and increase learning. 

New teacher Tips

With Bloom, we help you get out in-front-of behavior challenges by creating a culture of kindness in which cooperation and communication flourish. When things get tough we help you “manage the moment” better and raise kids who have excellent thinking and self-regulation skills. 

Wendy and I are also doing LIVE webinars in over 30 cities so far this Fall.  If your school would like webinar information simply email us lynne AT lynnekenney DOT com.

A warm thank you to our amazing designer Megan Garcia and to Wendy Young and Unhookedbooks for their ongoing support of children, families and teachers.

Let us know what works and what questions you might have. We are always listening FACEBOOK, twitter @drlynnekenney.