Wendy and I are having the pleasure to meet with hundreds of colleagues 2017-2018 to provide strategies and activities to help children develop better executive function, self-regulation, learning, and behavior. Recently, Wendy traveled to South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Michigan and I met super motivated educators in Chicago, Phoenix & China. This Fall, I’ll be in Indiana, Connecticut, Phoenix, New Haven, Los Angeles and Rhode Island. 

You no longer need to get on a plane or drive to a training.

You can take our 12-hour training from the comfort of your own classroom, office or home, available 24/7 through December 30, 2017


On your smart phone or computer, you can watch the videos, get the tools and learn the strategies we use in our practice. Learn strategies to:

  • Help children collaborate and cooperate
  • Help build children’s self-esteem
  • Help children better understand and manage their feelings
  • Help children to understand executive functions and how to build their own cognitive skills
  • Help children develop better strategies for learning
  • Help children improve their attention and memory
  • Help children learn social and interaction skills for a lifetime
  • Help children who have experienced, loss, grief, and trauma
  • Improve your family life, home environment, and communication for calmer, happier interactions
  • Move from chaos to calm in the classroom

After our Spring 2016 and Winter 2017 we received enthusiastic emails from our colleagues and class attendees in the UK, Philipines, Canada, South Africa and the US saying they’d like their fellow educators, school psychologists, principals and even entire districts to have access to the research-based strategies, tools, and activities in Bloom Brainsmarts. We enjoyed months of preparation to get you over 12 hours of online lessons in an easy to watch style with videos, downloadable lesson guides and over 100 pages of downloadable images and pages for use with children ages 5-12 in school, in the office, and at home. Each lesson integrates research with strategies, activities, and tools you can use to help children learn the thinking + self-regulation skills to be happy, healthy and successful. 

Here are the lessons:


Here are some of the printables you receive: