Developing early reading skills in children ages 9-48 months involves enhancing cognitive skills such as sequential processing, simultaneous processing, focused attention, and inhibition.  

Speaking with your child face to face, drawing attention to characters and actions on the written page and practicing how oral-motor sounds relate to phonemic representation, are skills we can model and teach through playful interaction.  Here is a printable to help you keep a few fun, yet meaningful activities front of mind.  CLICK on IMAGE to download for personal and professional use.

In 2017-2018, Wendy Young and I shall be teaching more than 25 activities to enhance thinking, self-regulation, learning and behavior online for CE.  We shall teach you how to use many of the activities from Bloom, Musical Thinking and 70 Play Activities including, “Let Me Think About That?” “Breathe and Release” “Anger Mountain” “Play Math” and more. Produced in easy to listen to videos with useful classroom handouts, this is an activity-filled webinar series designed to enliven and transform your work integrating current science, tools, and strategies. Sign-up to receive FREE activities and learn about upcoming events and webinars here.