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A review of over 100 current studies shows that physical fitness, physical activity and moving throughout the day improve our overall health, cognition, and academic functioning. Yet, children have never moved less before, after and in school. In fact, according to the 2016 Shape of The Nation report:

  • 42 percent of children (ages 6-11) and 8 percent of adolescents (ages 12-19) engaged in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity most days of the week in a 2008 study
  • 25 percent of children and adolescents (ages 12-15) met recommended levels of daily physical activity in 2012

  This is surprising given that:

  • A growing body of research in children and adults indicates that higher levels of fitness are associated with better control of attention, memory, and cognition.
  • Motor movement primes the brain for the development of cognitive skills, encoding of academic content and implementation of self-regulation behaviors.
  • Children prone to inattention, agitation, and over-excitability are best to move before disruptive patterns emerge. Frequent movement allows for regulation of internal energy, alerting the attention system and mood management.
  • Children are best to be moving 30-60 minutes per day in school, we recommend 5 minutes of cognitive-motor activity every 45 minutes.
  • Physically fit children demonstrate greater attentional resources, have faster cognitive processing speed and perform better on standardized academic tests.
  • The newest research in embodied cognition shows that the cognitive and motor systems are integrally related and suggests that if we want our children to learn better, we need to help them move more.
  • When students and teachers collaborate together in patterned movement, learning improves.

Just The Facts Ma’am…..Feel free to grab these fact graphics and share them with your colleagues. Let’s get our students moving to learn this school year.

Looking for The Kinetic Classroom activities? See more here.

Here are two movement activities from our Cognitive-Exercise Program THINK to get you started today! Turn up the music use your imagination and have fun.


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In 2019-2020, we shall be teaching more than 30 cognitive and motor activities to enhance thinking, self-regulation, learning, and behavior LIVE and online for professional development. We shall teach you how to use many of the activities from BloomMusical Thinking and 70 Play Activities including, “What’s in it for me?” “The Purpose Circle” “The Love Notes” “The Little Jane Fonda” and more. Produced in easy to listen to videos with useful classroom handouts, this is an activity-filled webinar series designed to enliven and transform your work integrating current science, tools, and strategies. Sign-up to receive FREE activities and learn about upcoming events and webinars here.

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