You all might know that I am spending about 5 hours a day writing, actually trying to complete, my book on 70 Play Activities For Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Behavior and Learning.

In doing so, I have been reading hundreds of research articles on music, rhythm, play and the brain. It turns out that one of the best ways to help children learn phonics, reading and math is to help them learn to play an instrument.

My NEW digital book teaching children executive function skills with music, rhythm and movement is called Musical Thinking, get your FREE gift and learn more here.

Musical proficiency has been linked to better neural timing and creativity which helps children learn better.  Here are 3 reasons to start piano lessons as a family today! MY PIANO STARTS HERE is likely best for younger children and their parents, ages 3-9.

  1. Your brain is rhythmic. It searches for and locks onto rhythmic beats. Rhythm appears to be an organizing feature of the human brain. Even neurons fire in time, to a beat. Musical training improves your ability to hear and respond to beats. Beats, patterns and rhythm underlie learning.

  2. In research studies, rhythm has been observed to be related to language comprehension, speech production, math and reading.

  3. Musical ability is associated with higher IQ, more joy and it can bring hours of playful interaction to your family. Article Link.

Here is a Music App for ADULTS, if you wish to learn as well. Tonara

Here is a musical website for the whole family. Because the Music is already in you! Meludia