In 2012, we posted a whole food grocery list, that I could not resist updating. We know from the families with whom we work, that food really does matter to your children and many of you often ask for a super simple healthy grocery list. Well, here it is:).

CLICK to enlarge and print for your Fridge. Happy Family Eating to you!

Bloom Grocery List


Feel free to print this postable, share it and help other families make the move to whole real food, they will thank you for it:). Our Pinterest page has even more whole food ideas.

Looking for more ideas… our friends can help.

1. We recommend Tosca Reno’s books, they’re not just for “dieting” they are for healthy living.

2. Michelle Dudash also has a book we love called Clean Eating For Busy Families. What your children eat impacts their brain development and behavior. So consider whole foods as often as possible.

3. If you are looking for “Where do I buy” organic foods, Dr. Carol Kenney has a helpful list at

4. If you have an infant, toddler or tot, consider Happy Family Organic Superfoods created by a caring mom, like you.

Wishing you health and happiness.