Could Your Child’s “Mental Illness” Be an Untreated Infection?

Imagine this. Your six year old daughter has a bit of a cold. She complains of being achy and is a spot feverish, you take her to your doctor, they test her for strep, the culture is negative, so you go home planning for fluids and plenty of rest.
The next day your daughter wakes up […]

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Nursery Rhymes Are A Critical Passage To Reading

Phonological awareness refers to an awareness that words consist of syllables and phonemes (segments of words or groupings of sound). Phonemic awareness precedes phonology and is the matching of sounds and symbols. Phonemic awareness can begin as early as four months of age when children start to carefully observe the relationship between oral-motor movements and […]

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Dr. Lynne 10 Day Challenge is Back!

Back by popular demand, the “Dr. Lynne 10 Day Challenge” is launching again this Spring. The multimedia companion to The Family Coach Method, Dr. Lynne delivers 10 days of podcasts, lessons and videos to help you Get Out of Damage Control and into happier family living.
The best part is that the program is served up online so […]

3 Steps To Better Empathize With Your Child

Empathy says, “I’m here with you.” “I hear you.” “I get it.” I would like to help.” Here is a simple printable to post on your fridge to help you remember the three steps to empathizing with your child. Bloom on Amazon. #Parenting #Education

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Yes, Virginia, Play in Therapy is Evidence Based

It was a pleasure meeting in Chicago for three days of brains + play.  In March we are in beautiful Atlanta.  In May we are in Phoenix.  Here are some resources for you all!
Today’s presentation can be found here with many references and links.
Incorporating current research we review evidence-based treatment goals and progress notes to […]

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