100+ Resources for Play, Movement, Research and Activities

My pleasure to meet with you all in Kansas this week to discuss the neurocognitive underpinnings of play. We will explore rhythm, movement, music, art and more in education and therapy.  Here is the powerpoint along with links and resources.

100 + Resources For Play: It’s More Than Therapy from Lynne Kenney
Move […]

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12+ Executive Function Resources

It’s my pleasure to be meeting with our colleagues in Oregon this week, New Mexico last week and Phoenix in January.  Thank you for your kindness and engagement, it is so much fun when everyone gets up and enjoys the activities.
To support our explorations of Executive Function, I have a few handouts along with […]

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10 Brain-Based Play Therapy Resources

My joy to meet you all on the Navajo Nation this week.  I wish to provide you with some of the resources about which we will speak. Here is the slideshow if you wish to download it, feel free to do so and share at your school, clinic or setting.
NeuroCognitive Printables August 15 2013
My […]

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Is My Child Ready To Potty Train?

Whether you have one child or seven, potty training is a developmental period your family with participate in at some time.

For some children potty training is zip, zap easy-peasy done in a sec….

For other children it’s a process that can take time.  How do you know if your child is ready? What kinds of […]

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#PottyTraining The Developmental Way

As a pediatric psychologist, I’ve worked with many children and families who have questions about Potty Training. After all we all need to DOOO it:). But the questions are many:  When is the right time? What if my child is afraid? What if my child is constipated?  We have answers to your most common […]

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