3 Steps To Better Empathize With Your Child

Empathy says, “I’m here with you.” “I hear you.” “I get it.” I would like to help.” Here is a simple printable to post on your fridge to help you remember the three steps to empathizing with your child. Bloom on Amazon. #Parenting #Education

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Yes, Virginia, Play in Therapy is Evidence Based

Today we meet in Chicago for three days of brains + play.  Here are some resources for you all!
Today’s presentation can be found here with many references and links.
Incorporating current research we review evidence-based treatment goals and progress notes to underscore the utility of play as an treatment methodology and educational method. I provide it […]

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Play Math Training

It is my pleasure to meet with the dedicated mentors at HandsOnPhoenix today to Play Math. VIDEO
We will be exploring:

How the brain learns new information. Building better learners
Why rhythm is central to learning.
How quarter notes are for retrieval, half-notes are for encoding and whole notes are for processing novel information.
How to teach math facts and factors […]

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Early Math Skills Count

A study showing that early math skills are one of the best predictors of later success in both math and literacy has become a cornerstone of the growing movement among early childhood educators to boost math instruction in preschool through 3rd grade.
Why is early math is so important?
According to professor Gary Duncan, children who do well […]

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100+ Resources for Play, Movement, Research and Activities

My pleasure to meet with you all in Kansas this week, Chicago area colleagues in March and Phoenix area colleagues in May to discuss the neurocognitive underpinnings of play. We will explore rhythm, movement, music, art and more in education and therapy. This is the Powerpoint along with links and resources.
100 + Resources […]

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