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Dr. Kenney enjoys speaking with thousands of educators and clinicians each year regarding activities that improve Executive Function, Social-Emotional Literacy, Learning and Behaviour

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10 Thinking Skill Activities to Enhance Executive Function: Improving Academic Task Completion at Home and in the Classroom – MORE INFO

10 Classroom Management Activities to Enhance Social-Emotional Literacy: Transform Student Behaviour from Chaos to Calm – MORE INFO

Recent LIVE workshops featuring Lynne Kenney, Psy.D.

June 3, 2017

Enhancing Children’s Cognition with Motor Movement

Beijing Sports University

Beijing, China




 May 11, 2017

The Physical Side of Executive Function: A Moving Strategy

EdWeb online 1 hour training with CE



April 24, 2017

Moving with Thought: Helping your children improve cognition and learning with music and movement

Kate’s Cup Northridge Community Church



25+ Proven & Effective Thinking and Self-Regulation Strategies For Children and Adolescents with Sensory Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety & ADHD 

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Bloom Brainsmarts 12 Hour Online Training August 2017 registration coming soon.








Let us know if your school, clinic or parenting group is interested in learning more about executive functions, learning, and behavior.


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