We experienced an engaging 12-hour course worldwide this Spring, colleagues joined us from the Philippines, South Africa, and Canada. We’re excited to announce that this training will launch for school districts in April, 2017. Join our Facebook page to learn about the dates and content.

What you are teaching is so aligned with what we are doing at our school. You gave us a wealth of information we are already incorporating right NOW! Melissa B. Saskatoon

Our students love being Cognitive Scientists, they really take to this concept. Thank you for helping us to encourage our students to learn with optimism and hope. Janet R. Toronto

I love that the videos are shorter. Even as an experienced school psychologist, I have so many new ideas for helping children improve their thinking skills. Miranda K. Calgary

In this 12 hour Bloom Brainsmarts™ online academic series, we apply cognitive, developmental and neuroscientific research to behavior management and learning instruction providing opportunities for administrators, teachers, school psychologists and clinicians to renew your skills, strategies and tools with empirically-informed interventions and activities that enhance social-emotional learning, calm traumatized children and engage struggling learners with strong interpersonal connections. 

What You Get:

  • 12 hours of video presentations filled with research, strategies, tools and activities to improve school climate, change teacher-student relationships and teach skills for better thinking, self-regulation, learning and behavior
  • Over 50 pages of printable activities, pdfs and strategy sheets for use in your classroom, clinic or office
  • Printable copies of the Bloom Mantras, our THINK cards, the Attention Engine Poems, The Love Notes (for memory enhancement) and activity sheets for use with your students and clients

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to better cope with anxiety, trauma, grief, inattention and anger in the classroom
  • New research-based activities to improve “precursor” skills such as core executive functions, internal calming skills and social-emotional skills that are central to educating struggling students
  • How to get out of “The Discipline Trap” and into happier, healthier classrooms where children require less management as they grow to be better thinkers and managers of their own minds and bodies
  • 25+ Thinking Skill, Learning, Self-Regulation and Behavior Activities including “Let Me Think About That” “What’s In It For Me” “The Purpose Circle” “Sequence This” “My Attention Engine” “We Encode Slowly, We Retrieve Quickly” “The Love Notes” and more
  • Enhance previewing, planning, sequencing and problem-solving for better academic and homework success
  • Improve social-emotional literacy with key core social-interactive skills
  • Build a healthier “What we say, think and do” community of leaders, educators and learners