If you are a parent, educator or grandparent, you may enjoy one of Dr. Kenney’s 60 min “Brain-Based” Parenting Talks or 3-6 hr Executive Function, Learning, Play Math and Self-regulation Workshops.

SPARKPE PLAY MATH1. PLAY MATH ~ Dr. Lynne has been traveling the US teaching educators how to incorporate motor movement into the teaching of math facts and factors for children ages 6-12. Play Math is a neurocognitive approach to math that engages the cortico-cerebellar loop enhancing how children think about math. MORE HERE

2. BRAIN-BASED BEHAVIOR ~ Unlike traditional discipline-centered perspectives, Dr. Kenney explores how misbehavior is related to cognitive, social and academic skill deficits, not willful non-compliance. ¬†Incorporating The Family Coach Method (St. Lynn’s Press, 2009) and #Bloom: Helping children blossom (Kenney & Young, June 2013), she introduces parents and teachers to proven strategies that build cognitive skills and increase social-emotional competency at home and in the classroom.

What teachers have said:

“Play math makes much more sense than sitting with paper and pencils to practice math skills.”

“I have been teaching math for years and have been looking for a way to incorporate movement.”

“I loved Dr. Lynne’s teaching style, she is so fun and approachable. I did not want to attend because it was summer but I am so glad I did!”

What parents have said:

“Dr. Lynne’s research-based philosophy is caring, compassionate, common sense.”

“I wish I had known all this brain stuff when I raised my two older kids, I would have loved them more and yelled less.”

“Finally, I know how to teach my children to listen. Once I learned how to teach a skill set, everything changed for our family.”



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