Improving Classroom Behavior Begins with Culture

Improving Classroom Behavior Begins with Culture

Bloom Your Room – The Social-Emotional Literacy Art & Activity Book (Pre-K – 4th Grade) is HERE!

What if:

  • The culture of your classroom was clearly communicated so that your students knew exactly what was expected of them every moment of the day
  • Your students helped one another behave kindly and cooperatively 
  • Your students appropriately encouraged one another to follow the classroom expectations
  • Your students found it rewarding, inspiring and fun to be accountable for their behavior
  • Your students felt confident, happy and ready to learn each and every day

They CAN! Grab our FREE Bloom Your Room Youth Service Project to Help Children Mentor One Another with Kindness


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To our amazing teachers (Christy, Marya, Angela and more), you told us that teaching children prosocial interactive skills and social-emotional literacy can be done quickly with art, posters, and activities. You inspired us and we thank you!




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