Dr. Lynne 10 Day Challenge

Back by popular demand, the “Dr. Lynne 10 Day Challenge” is launching again in March. The multimedia companion to The Family Coach Method, Dr. Lynne delivers 10 days of podcasts, lessons and videos to help you Get Out of Damage Control and into happier family living.
The best part is that the program is served up online […]


3 Steps To Better Empathize With Your Child

Empathy says, “I’m here with you.” “I hear you.” “I get it.” I would like to help.” Here is a simple printable to post on your fridge to help you remember the three steps to empathizing with your child. Bloom on Amazon. #Parenting #Education

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Early Math Skills Count

A study showing that early math skills are one of the best predictors of later success in both math and literacy has become a cornerstone of the growing movement among early childhood educators to boost math instruction in preschool through 3rd grade.
Why is early math is so important?
According to professor Gary Duncan, children who do well […]

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Is My Child Ready To Potty Train?

Whether you have one child or seven, potty training is a developmental period your family with participate in at some time.

For some children potty training is zip, zap easy-peasy done in a sec….

For other children it’s a process that can take time.  How do you know if your child is ready? What kinds of language […]

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Climbing Down Anger Mountain #Bloom FREE PRINTABLE

Sometimes children have feelings they experience intensely, but do not understand.  You can help your child learn to modulate their feelings better if you take the step to help them identify how they feel, when and why. More on feelings and the brain can be found in Chapter 8 The Caveman and The Thinker in […]