Play Math Training

It is my pleasure to meet with the dedicated mentors at HandsOnPhoenix today to Play Math. VIDEO
We will be exploring:

How the brain learns new information. Building better learners
Why rhythm is central to learning.
How quarter notes are for retrieval, half-notes are for encoding and whole notes are for processing novel information.
How to teach math facts and factors […]

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30 Days of What Doctors Eat in July Join Us!

As you all may know, a few friends and I are reclaiming our health by eating recipes from What Doctors Eat by Dr. Tasneem Bhatia in the month of July.¬† I actually have a turkey meatball recipe on page 323 in the book, that we served on the 4th of July, I added a spot […]

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Got anger? Get regulated ~ 3 Simple self-regulation skills

Summer can be a time of peace and calm, but we all need skills to manage what life brings us each and every day. Enter self-regulation… a weighty term that refers to the ability to calm or alert in the moment as needed.

Most people think of self-regulation as something that takes place daily, but we […]

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Can Rhythm and Timing Impact Learning?

A growing body of research suggests improving motor timing and rhythm via music and exercise can impact academic skills. Here is a quick video referencing a few studies.
Motor Timing and Rhythm via Vidoyen
Can music and exercise impact brain function? LINK HERE

1. inTime is the newly published music series by Advanced Brain […]

Where is The Beat? How Music Impacts ADHD, LD and Dyslexia

Those of you who treat or parent children with ADHD and or learning challenges may have observed mild to moderate fine or gross motor delays in your clients or children. Of course, some children with diagnoses are exceptional athletes, which leads us to focus on dividing the phenotypic expression of ADHD and or LD into […]