Horses in The Winter #Olympics?

Allie n Belle Feb 2014I know we are celebrating the Winter #Olympics. But getting your exercise any way you can boosts your health and brain development. While it’s 40 in Sochi, it’s 80 in Scottsdale. We’d like to be skiing, but instead, we are riding.

Sylvia2Sylvia Zerbini is here with her Grand Liberty Stallions. This week, I had the honor of observing Sylvia teach a young teen how to communicate better with her horse. The messages she imparted were empowering, she ignited a sense of deep respect. Self-respect, respect for the horses and a unity between man and nature.

When I first saw Sylvia in Cavalia, I wondered how are these horses treated, are they circus animals? But for the past 14 days I have seen Sylvia with her horses up close and they are the best fed, loved and cared for horses one could know. They rest in their stalls with ease and grace. Sylvia speaks to them in their own language moving her body to draw lines they are not to cross, using her hand with the movement of a dancer to tell them where to go and how fast to move. They pine for her, coming up to the stall windows and looking for her like a child to a mother.  She walks past, touching, smiling with gentle re-assurance.

My anticipation was that stallions would be intense, loud and almost scary, but they are just the opposite. They are almost meditative. When the horses are in the paddock or arena with Sylvia, they literally come out to play as she runs, hops and dances with them.

Although, I have not asked her myself, I have been told that when Sylvia was young, her father would tell her she needed to work the horses before she could play. So she began to learn to work all of them at one time thus the evolution of Grand Liberty, an interplay of instinct that will stir your senses. Sylvia has a unique gift. She can speak with the horses. But the amazing part, is that we can as well. In her clinics and personal lessons she teaches us how to marry instinct with collaboration. Fearlessly, she teaches others all that she knows, making us stronger women, better leaders and more skillful horsemen.

Her message is communicate don’t dominate, something we all need more of in schools, communities, corporations and homes around the world.

Get Your “Fit” On ~ 15 min workouts

The Olympics makes me think a lot about college, a time when I could work out any moment I desired. I would do aerobics at 8 am after dancing til 2 am.  I’d walk miles across campus every day, I think I got about four hours of exercise every day. It felt great!

Now, if I can find 15 minutes in between writing, cooking, driving carpool, cleaning up after the bunny, feeding the horses and walking the dog, I feel I’ve succeeded. I found a few 15 min workouts and thought I’d share them with you all. The goal is to do them in the am and pm, getting some heart-healthy movement throughout the day bringing the laundry up and down the stairs, chasing the kids around and if we’re lucky, getting a run in.

Track your workouts with our Daily Health Planner (click).

Download The Free Participant Guide with 30+ Recipes (click).

Ready to work out right now? Fitness Blender has many free videos on YouTube. Here’s a workout for all our #OlympicDads, moms and kids. Remember to get your yearly physical exam and speak with your doctor before you begin any exercise program. Get your “fit” on!

My Daily Health Planner #OlympicMoms

About three months ago I started working out with my friend Dina 5 days a week and we feel great! Dina is approaching 50 and looks like she’s 30. In fact, she needs a new promo video cause she is totally ripped. Me, I’m still eating too much Pirate Booty at night but with all the recipes from our friends, my clean eating habits are improving:).

One thing that really helps us is our daily health planner, so I’m sharing it with you to use as well. Let me know how you are doing.

Olympic Moms Participant Guide FINAL DHP (full size download to print)

Here is the entire 12 page guide with recipes.

OM Health Planner


We’re Proud of You Too! #OlympicMoms #OlympicDads

Yesterday on my private Facebook, a mom of seven posted the most touching video about her struggle to manage her “demons” making her a healthier, happier, more available mom. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how brave and honest she was.  She told the story of how she has joined other moms in exercising, eating well and reducing her comfort habits, those that were not serving her well. We all have those, we understand. But most of us do not talk about them publicly in our bathrobes, crying in a closet, I’ll never forget that image, her honesty was inspiring. “I’m so proud of myself,” she exclaimed. “We’re proud of you as well,” I said aloud. As I watched her video, I wanted a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast but I went downstairs and had a green salad with grilled chicken, Kalamata olives, carrots and artichoke hearts. We have support and encouragement for you as well.

Inspired by the Olympics 15 experts joined together to provide meal plans, recipes and activities for family fun. You can download the Participants Guide HERE.

Recipes Week 1 #OM

For direct info from the generous experts click on their links.

Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert and the author of Parenting Made Easy @SueAtkins

Gill Connell  is a Mum, Grandmum, Teacher, International Lecturer, Author and Consultant and founder of Moving Smart @movingsmart

Amanda Frolich an expert in childhood physical development and the founder of Amanda’s Action Club @actionamanda

Annie Fox, M.Ed is an internationally respected parenting expert, family coach and trusted online adviser for teens @Annie_Fox

Aviva Goldfarb is a family dinner expert and founder of The Six O’Clock Scramble, an online dinner planning solution for busy parents @thescramble

Lynne Kenney, PsyD is a mom of two, a pediatric psychologist, international speaker, author and media host @drlynnekenney

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian, Mom and Founder of Real Mom Nutrition @RMNutrition

Lori Lite is the founder of Stress Free Kids, author of Stress Free Kids: A Parent’s Guide, @StressFreeKids

Kelly Loubet is a Social Media Strategist and Community Builder @childhood

Deb McNelis is an Early Brain Development Specialist and author of The Brain Development Series @braininsights Early Childhood Brain Insights Blog

Beth Onufrak, PhD is a Child Psychologist and Parent Educator @drbethkids A Child In Mind Blog

EA Stewart, MBA, RD is Owner of Spicy RD Nutrition @thespicyrd

Amy Valpone is a Personal Chef and Marketing Consultant specializing in simple Gluten Free ‘clean’ recipes @TheHealthyApple

Christy Wilson, RD is a Registered Dietitian, Mom and Nutrition Consultant specializing in recipes families love @ChristysChomp

Wendy Young, LMSW is a mom of three, a Licensed Master Social Worker, Founder of Kidlutions and co-author of BLOOM @kidlutions

What is #OlympicMoms

For the next 14 days my blog will be dedicated to the Olympics. We were encouraged by a mom who wanted more play time, a better exercise plan and more whole food to create an international community of moms who could support one another for better health, fitness and family fun inspired by the Olympics.  I wrote to 15 international experts in food, nutrition, family & exercise and asked if they would share recipes, meal plans, fitness tips and children’s activities with us for FREE during the Olympics. The response was overwhelming. Recipes, stress-free living tips and more came pouring in. Thank you warmly to our experts.

We are all #OlympicMoms and #OlympicDads who for 14 days will eat better, play with our children more and exercise daily in order to jump-start a year of health and wellness within our families. Anyone can participate.

Download our #OlympicMoms Participant Guide, from Slide Share, print out the Health Plan page and start sharing, communicating and lifting other parents up with your helpful eating, fitness and family fun tips. For all the expert content in one place visit our Social Hub. We like and appreciate dads as well, join us!

OM What is

Download it, view it, share it, it’s all Fun & FREE!

Play: It’s More Than Therapy ~ Join Us February 2014

PLAYScotland and England, here we come! Working on dates now for Play: It’s more than therapy. Next stop, Indiana February 4-7, 2014 PLAY Merrillville, Fort Wayne, Carmel, Evansville, Indiana. There is still time to sign-up call PESI 1-800-844-8260.

In this applied play therapy presentation we explore the current neuroscientific underpinnings of child development, communication, social-emotional skills, and behavior with an emphasis on how play therapy enhances executive function, metacognition and daily functioning.

Moving beyond theory and into practice, clinicians will learn the brain-based reasons why and how play therapy works. Reviewing over 20 play therapy tools and techniques clinicians will have the opportunity to create their own written play therapy methodologies with an ability to articulate what they do and why they do it, from the perspective of brain science. By delving into the meaning of narrative communication, social skill development and academic enhancement, we will broaden the landscape of therapeutic interventions in play therapy for ADHD, SPD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, anxiety, trauma and depression. Here is the ppt for download with over 100 books, resources, products and play concepts.

Dr. Lynne is bringing brain-based interventions to clinicians, teachers and parents worldwide. Is she speaking in your city?

Old Fashioned Family Games for The New Year

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to gather around the fire and play old fashioned games. Remember the hours you spent playing jacks, hop scotch and Go Fish as a child? There are so many wonderful games, many of them are familiar to you but new to your children, grandchildren and teens.  If you are looking for games to play with your children here are a few links to begin the family fun.

Sharon O’Bryan has written the rules for over 200 children’s games. Her book is available on Kindle.

Sharon O'BryanRules for Old Fashioned Card Games

Rules for Classic Children’s Games

Rules for Indoor Games


Games for Kids is a simple ebook for parents, teachers and grandparents who are looking for games they may have played as children that are new to this generation. Oldies but goodies. Games for Kids ~ Available immediately on Kindle.

Games for KidsIf you wish for motor-based games SparkPE has an after-school and in classroom curriculum with equipment as well. We use Spark in our office and on the road and love the quality, design and ease of their products.

If you want the family activity kit, you can get the one we use for play math, it’s smaller and super affordable. Who can resist playground balls and polyspots:). Just call 619-293-7990 or 1-800-SPARK PE and ask for the Play Math Kit. Family game nights are a wonderful opportunity for family fun, bonding and learning.


Enjoy the New Year with Play!

#StresslessSummer Your Daily Health Organizer #Free Printable

Recently, we were on holiday as a family and I found it so easy to exercise and eat well every day. We were on relaxation speed. But when we got home it was back to chasing horses at 7 am, writing til noon, phone calls, radio shows etc. Whoa! Where did all that health fly to? So yesterday I made a little daily health sheet for our fridge to bring fitness front-of-mind. I thought you all might enjoy it as well.  Wendy Young @kidlutions, I and all our colleagues on the #StresslessSummer series ~ @TheSpicyRD, @HAPPYsuperfoods, Sue Atkins @sueatkins, Naomi Richards @thekidscoach, @neurogistics, Emily Roberts @EmilyRobertsLPC, Maria Freeman @littlejots, Deb McNelis @braininsights, Victoria @HMMilitary, Jan Katzen @nutritionistjan, Kelly Cairns @kellycairns and more wish you a happy, healthy summer!

Bloom Health Org


Don’t Diet Just Eat Clean…Join Us For 30 Days

A few moms and I like my good pal Wendy Young @kidlutions, are banding together to eat clean and get healthier this summer. No dieting just real food choices. As you all know, I am a fan of @toscareno and find her book The Eat Clean Diet informative and easy to follow.

I am also a fan of Dr. Lori Shemek.  Dr. Shemek has a new kindle book out called Fire-Up Your Fat Burn. She has been kind enough to share her food list for all the moms, dads and teens out there who wish to get healthier, feel more energy and find their way back to real food.

It’s actually super easy. IF IT DOESN’T ROT OR SPROUT DO WITHOUT.

So we’re eatin’ clean and we’re eating WHOLE REAL FOOD for 30 days. Wanna join us? The hashtag will be #realfood the page where we can post ideas, books, questions and support is right here.

Have research, ideas, advice feel free to share it. We’ll feel healthy full of energy and ready to tackle the summer with gusto! Working on the food list now, what do you think should be on our whole food list?

Dr. Lynne



New Book ~ What Doctors Eat ~ Prevention Magazine

With teens in our home, I often say, “You can eat well without dieting, it’s a better long-term solution.” But which book do you read? Whose advice do you listen to? From the editors of Prevention Magazine, hot off the press this week comes WHAT DOCTORS EAT.
In Tasneem Bhatia, MD’s new book, WHAT DOCTORS EAT, 100 top health experts offer tips on what to eat and why.  With a 30 day meal plan, recipes, and more, you’ll find your way back to health you can maintain in just 30 days.
Here is my Turkey Meatball Recipe from pages 321-322 YUM!
Dr. Lynne’s Meatballs ~ “I always make sure to have protein for breakfast, so whether we had a stir-fry or meatballs the night before, I encourage everyone in my family to take a bite of the leftovers in the morning. Protein holds the kids over in school much better than cereal. I use crusty olive bread to bind these meatballs, but any bread you like will do.”3/4 pound ground turkey
¾ pound lean organic beef
2 slices of bread soaked in milk
¼ cup marinara sauce
1 teaspoon Worcestershire
1 teaspoon dried oregano or mixed Italian herbs
1 teaspoon minced garlic
¼ cup grated Parmesan
2 eggs, beaten
3-4 tablespoons grated onion

1. Preheat the over to 350°F. In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients with ½ teaspoon salt and freshly ground black pepper, Mix together well.

2. Form small meatballs and place on two baking sheets. Bake, switching racks about halfway through, until done about 30 minutes.

3. Serve the meatballs with any sauce—tomato, pesto, or curry—alone or over noodles or rice.

Makes 42 meatballs.

What Doctors Eat ~ A first-of-its-kind diet that will help everyone get their healthiest body ever—based on strategies from 100 of the country’s top doctors.One of the questions we all want to ask our doctors is how do you protect your health? For the top physicians and researchers in the country, the answer almost always is: it’s all about making smart food choices. What Doctors Eatis an inside peek at the easy, yet ingenious ways experts design their diets to lower their disease risk and keep their weight steady. It’s packed with advice the pros give their patients—and follow in their own lives—such as:
  • Eat half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day and lower blood sugar and cholesterol by 20%
  • Consider dark chocolate a health food—its antioxidants fight aging, smooth skin, and slash heart disease risk
  • Get heart-healthy omega-3s from sardines; they’re low in mercury and high in vitamin D

Prevention has synthesized the experts’ strategies to create the ultimate healthy-eating plan, The Doctors’ Diet. Not only will it help anyone reach their goal weight, it’s filled with delicious power foods that fight illness and boost energy. To further take the guesswork out of eating smart, the doctors share their favorite recipes. Loaded with real-word tips and easy, flavorful recipes, What Doctors Eat is like having a healthy eating coach on call 24/7.

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