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Bloom Your Room The Full-Color BOOK is HERE!

Bloom Your Room™ is the first social-emotional skill development program delivered as an art collection of printable and postable graphics, classroom activities and social-emotional development tips that enhance social-emotional literacy inspiring children to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with their friends, peers, teachers and school personnel. Easy-to-use conversation starters, fill-in-the-blank kindness agreements and prosocial actions for students to take in class, at home and in the community make this book a relationship game changer!

Looking for the posters for your classroom? Click HERE

Take a peek inside – The Bloom Your Room Art & Activity Book



Created by pediatric psychologist, Dr. Lynne Kenney and illustrated by Meg Garcia, the art and activities have the vital information you need as an elementary school teacher (ages 4-10) to improve your classroom’s social learning environment, for the benefit of all.

Join us for conversations about improving #SEL and #EF skills in classrooms HERE.

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