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Developing kindness, empathy, and social connections throughout childhood is central to healthy child development. Learning to be kind, empathic and respectful to oneself and to others are meaningful social-emotional skills that serve children well into adulthood. Explore our NEW 40+ piece hand-drawn social-emotional literacy art collection, you hang in your classroom, school, office or home. Teach #kindness and #SEL through art and music. 


Let’s share the “Sounds of Kindness” in classrooms and homes everywhere! With Bloom Your Room and ThinkerBee Theatre! MORE HERE

Invite us to your school, participate in a social-emotional skills learning webinar, join our community of kind teachers, parents, and clinicians. Let’s lift education up!


Bloom Your Room™ is the first social-emotional skill development program delivered as an art collection of over 50+ pages of printable and postable graphics, 10 classroom activities and over 40 social-emotional development tips that enhance social-emotional literacy inspiring children to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with their friends, peers, teachers and school personnel. 

Created by pediatric psychologist, Dr. Lynne Kenney and illustrated by Meg Garcia, this program has the vital information you need as an elementary school teacher (ages 4-12) to improve your classroom’s social learning environment, for the benefit of all.


At the request of several teachers, we now have a few of the foundational art pieces with the manual and audio available for purchase in our store CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.  Email us for more information. Join us for conversations about improving #SEL and #EF skills in classrooms HERE.


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