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The Social, Academic and Learning Environment in Your
Teachers have asked me how to incorporate kindness and empathy in their classrooms daily. So we created Bloom Your Room to make social-emotional learning a part of the everyday classroom experience. TODAY we feature the Seeds of Kindness Activity Set! 
Students Show Their Caring with Sharing.
What is Bloom Your Room™? 
Bloom Your Room™ is the first social-emotional literacy program created as an art collection of posters, tools, and activities, that will HELP YOU:
Make Kindness and Empathy central to your student's everyday classroom experience
Make your classroom a place you and your students are excited to come to each day
Enhance cooperation, peace, and calm in your classroom
Create an environment where students "lift" one another up!
Teach students who are kind, responsible, accountable and happy social citizens
Engage your students with visual art and activities that teach social-emotional skills with ease
 Bloom Your Room™ is a social-emotional learning program created as an art collection of over 50+ pages of printable and postable graphics, 10 classroom activities and over 40 social-emotional development tips that enhance social-emotional literacy inspiring children to experience kindness and empathy in their relationships with their friends, peers, teachers and school personnel. The collection is brought to life with beautiful kindness characters including Thinkerbee™ Stellar Stella™ and The Worm Fuzzies™. Created by pediatric psychologist, Dr. Lynne Kenney and illustrated by Meg Garcia, the art collection shows children how to live with kindness (ages 4-12) to improve your classroom’s social learning environment, for the benefit of all. 
Let's Share Seeds of Kindness
The entire art collection is stunning with activities, songs, characters, postables and more. To get you started introducing the foundational social-skills of kindness and empathy today we made 8 of the pieces their own collection - The 
“Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection
(We know you have many demands during your day - The “Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection 
makes social teaching simple, easy and fast for you.)
Get started today with the “Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection  
This includes the foundational components of the Printable Collection of Original Art to Enhance Social-Emotional Learning in Your Classroom.
In the “Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection- Printable Collection you will receive over 40 pieces of printable art, including the character pennants your students will love! 

   The COMPLETE GUIDE with an introduction on how to easily use the “Seeds of Kindness” Bloom & Grow Collection 
   The Seed Packet Craft and Activity printable with a license to make copies for every student in your class
   12 "Seeds of Kindness" for each student
   Seeds of Kindness™ Kindness Calculator
   6 Sticker Cutouts to Mark Daily Achievements
   Fill-in-the-blank “Class Kindness Caper” activity and award certificate for the class to present to a kind staff member 
   “Our Class Kindness Capers” keepsake to hang on the classroom wall; A postable list to celebrate each completed caper 
   Bud Gratitude Notes for Classmates to Demonstrate Kindness to Each Other Anytime
   34 Pennants to create "Our Room is Blooming With Kindness" 25 Foot Pennants that make the AMAZING banner
“Successful Social-Emotional Skills Are What Make Kids Succeed! We Have to Teach, Practice, and Reinforce These Skills to Create Optimal Learning Environments."
“When I Tell Students, 'You Can Count on Me, I Need to Be Able to Count on You.' It Takes Me Out of The Role of Disciplinarian and Into the Role of Teacher and Mentor. We Move Around the Children's Defensiveness, Anger, and Shame and Move Toward Problem Solving, Decision Making and Team Building." 
"You Want to Be Excited to Get to School Each Day Because You Know You Have Tools to Be Successful." 
About the Creators
Lynne Kenney, PsyD
Lynne is a mom, pediatric psychologist, author of five books and creator of Bloom Your Room. Dr. Kenney has advanced fellowship training in forensic psychology and developmental pediatric psychology from Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Harbor-UCLA/UCLA Medical School.​ 

In her Bloom BrainSmarts presentations to thousands of clinicians, parents, and teachers, Dr. Kenney integrates neuroscience, kinesiology and music research to enhance executive function, social-emotional and academic skills with motor movement, art, and music. 
Meg "Hollywood" Garcia
Meg is the artist that delightfully illustrates Bloom Your Room, telling children a story based on Dr. Lynne’s teachings. Using her own proprietary digital design techniques to create original characters and scenes, she brings Dr. Lynne’s words to life. 

Adults get a giggle out of a few elements she adds for them to enjoy as well; from a jogger Thinkerbee™ decked out in vintage attire and portable cassette player, to a Seed of Kindness character sporting cucumber slices over her eyes as she awaits a shower of kindness.
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