Blomberg RMT Can Change Your Life #OT #PT

Blomberg RMT Can Change Your Life #OT #PT

About 30 years ago, I had a sporting accident that activated a congenital lower back issue.  Yes, Ouch. I’m on a treatment protocol (which I largely ignore), which includes, swimming, stretching, weight lifting, no roller coasters  etc.  If you are my close friend, you probably never even knew I had a back injury cause even though it provides me almost constant pain, I don’t discuss it.


Enter Dr. Harald Blomberg, Kate Wagner and Dr. Dan Wilke of Evanston, Illinois. I met Kate and Dr. Dan in August 2014 as I was interacting with clinicians worldwide who do brain-based interventions, preparing for my 2015 BrainSmart talks.  

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My plan was to meet them for 4 hours to learn about Blomberg RMT, so that I could speak about it intelligently to SLP’s, OT’s, Teachers, PT’s and the like. But when I arrived at Dr. Dan’s office, somehow I mentioned I had a painful lower back and up on the bench I went. What started as almost a casual tea, turned into a 2 hour treatment session that largely changed my life.  

Kate and Dr. Dan had me do super simple active and passive body movements that reminded me of the partner warm-up exercises we used to do on the track at USC. For the first time in about 9 years I was COMPLETELY pain-free for about 6 months. 

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training is not hailed as a pain treatment, it’s more of a neuro-developmental treatment designed to integrate your primitive reflexes so that your brain and body work efficiently.  It is based on Dr. Blomberg’s over 40 years as a psychiatrist and treats issues including ADHD, LD, SPD, Autism, Gifted etc.

BRMT, is not magic, it is science and thus, best used as part of a treatment protocol that is empirically based. I highly recommend occupational therapists, physical therapists, physio-therapists, naturopaths and chiropractors learn the techniques, they are transformative for many patients.

Dr. Blomberg’s most recent book is highly recommended for all who have musculo-skeletal, auto-immune, developmental, learning and behavior issues.  It’s good solid sense from a physician focused on healing not just medicating.  


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Kate is a wonderful master-educator, she teaches a variety of Blomberg RMT courses annually, they include critical developmental knowledge and exercise sequences.

Dr. Blomberg is only in the US on occasion. He will he here in July 2015 so take note!  If you are a parent or teacher, read the book.  If you are a clinician, take the training and improve your service delivery, several course dates available in July. Hope to see you there!



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