20 Activities To Improve Executive Function

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20 Activities To Improve Executive Function

When you think about teaching children about Executive Functions what comes to mind?

  • Do you imagine walking them through what their attention cycle is and how to “coach” their brains to recognize when they “Drift”?
  • Do you imagine helping them sequence the steps to completing their morning routines?
  • Do you imagine having “Cognitive Conversations” about what executive functions are and when students use them?
  • Do you imagine bouncing a playground ball to help children encode their phonics?

You will find over FREE 100 resources to help children improve their thinking skills and self-regulation throughout our site.

Let’s explore activities, videos, books, and research to help you build your #EF and #SEL toolkits.

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BLOOM + #BloomBrainsmarts + Bloom Your Room

Learn how to apply Cultures of Kindness, help children with ADHD, learning difficulties, anxiety & trauma in the #Bloom Brainsmarts online training. The 12-Hour #BloomBrainsmarts Fall 2017 Training is on-demand to watch at your leisure through December 30, 2017.

Join us today to apply neuroscience in your classroom for better learning & behavior. Over 30 activities, applied research and 100 pages of handouts for use in your home or work. See the course outline and previews here.










70 Play Activities  

Musical Thinking










Here are The Bloom Your Room Full-color Posters for Your Classroom – Teaching Children Prosocial Behaviors

The books, tools, strategies, and activities we have developed over 20 years of playing and teaching thousands of students, their teachers and parents.

Ready to fill your toolbox with new tools to improve thinking, self-regulation, learning, behavior and social-emotional literacy?  Find FREE activities and research links below.

Here is The Flashlight Technique

Here is how to have the Cognitive Conversation about Attention

Here is How To Get Kids Moving in Your Classroom

Here are the Thinkerbee Stickers

Here are the THINK Cards when you coach kids about their EF’s

EF Tips You are Invited to Grab and Use in Your Work – Click on image for the FREE downloadable 15 Page PDF

More Resources to help you:

ACTIVATE – the computer game that builds executive skills

What Makes Reading So Complicated?

What’s Working For Me?

Dr. Lynnes Printables Page on Pinterest

Fundi and The Brain

The Patterns of Music by Kamile Geist, Eugene A. Geist, and Kathleen Kuznik

Adele Diamond 2015 Cognitive Exercise

The Harvard EF Handout with many children’s activities

Does Music Training Enhance Literacy Skills? A Meta-Analysis by Reyna L. Gordon, Hilda M. Fehd and Bruce D. McCandliss 

How Musical Training Affects Cognitive Development: Rhythm, reward and other modulating variables by Ewa A. Miendlarzewska and Wiebke J. Trost 

We develop research-based tools, activities, and strategies to improve children’s thinking, self-regulation, learning, and behavior by increasing their executive and social-emotional skill sets. Bloom (Kenney & Young, 2015) helps parents collaborate and calm their anxious, angry and over-the-top kids building better thinking, coping and relationship skills. 70 Play Activities (Kenney & Comizio, 2016) provides activities, worksheets, and strategies to teachers, school counselors, and school psychologists to help children learn new #EF and #SEL skills. With great fanfare, September 2017, Thinkerbee brings you, Bloom Your Room, the first social-emotional skill development program delivered as postable art and classroom activities (ages 4-10).  In our next project, we integrate over 100 research articles in neuroscience + kinesiology + PE to create The Kinetic Classroom, the online video platform using movement to improve cognition.

Our goal is to change the trajectory of children’s learning with joy, empowerment, and respect. Join our motivated community of over 5000 educators, parents & clinicians and get the news about workshops, activities, and research here. Learn more and see a preview of Bloom Your Room here.


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