It’s a joy to be heading off to beautiful Michigan in the morning. I wished to share with you all some of the resources we shall be discussing.

Here is the powerpoint if you wish to download it via slideshare.

We will be reviewing about 20 activities from my next book 70 Play Activities For Better Thinking, Self-Regulation, Learning and Behavior Many of the activities have not been shared with the public yet, so I’ll be eager to see how you feel they might help your clients. Here are a few activities and resources you might enjoy:

The Flashlight Technique

What Makes Reading So Complicated?

What’s Working For Me?

Dr. Lynnes Printables Page on Pinterest

Fundi and The Brain

The Patterns of Music by Kamile Geist, Eugene A. Geist, and Kathleen Kuznik

Adele Diamond 2015 Cognitive Exercise

The Harvard EF Handout with many children’s activities

Does Music Training Enhance Literacy Skills? A Meta-Analysis by Reyna L. Gordon, Hilda M. Fehd and Bruce D. McCandliss 

How Musical Training Affects Cognitive Development: Rhythm, reward and other modulating variables by Ewa A. Miendlarzewska and Wiebke J. Trost 

Some of the books we will discuss

More Detail About Musical Thinking

Musical Thinking